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The reference in his profession

Kintrans has been guaranteeing an excellent transport service for years. Request a quote.


Kintrans’ own fleet of transporters in Desteldonk consists of the following vehicles:

  • 5 trucks
  • 33 car transporters
  • 2 tractor transporters

All the vehicles are equipped with onboard computers of the latest generation thanks to which real time communication is possible at any moment between the planning department and the truck.

At Kintrans’, we pay a lot of attention to safety. The up-to-date fleet of transporters is maintained on a very regular basis by our own technicians in our own workshop. At the same location, you also find a truck- carwash and a professional petrol station provided with AdBlue.

On top of that, we always emphasize on traffic safety and saving on fuel. In this way, 90% of our Volvo trucks comply with the Euro-6 norm. These emission standards are officially confirmed by the European Government and have been created to protect the environment.